We are attempting to build up a register of surviving Manchester and Willys Overland Crossley trucks; the list below is of the trucks we know of in existence if you have details of any other survivors please contact me by email at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Overland 20-25cwt YT5350 of 1927, restored by John Fowler of Manchester in 1975. It was acquired by Malcolm Barker of North Luffenham in 2008 and has been restored by Colin Borley having become derelict in recent years. The vehicle had been fitted with a Morris engine when first preserved; but has now been re-united with the original power unit, which has been reconditioned. Overland 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Colin Borley)
Overland 20-25cwt OT6913  overland OT6913 
(Photo courtesy of 
M Tye)
Overland 20-25cwt BF5653, At one time owned by Dutton's Brewery in Lancashire, the registration number OBJ 1 had been applied for advertising purposes; referring to the slogan on their beer bottles "Oh Be Joyful". It was subsequently given an age related registration number and was purchased by John Stockdale in 2016. This vehicle now lives within 1/2 mile of HL4911. 





Model A9 20-25cwt, chassis no. MT10288, engine no. 54096 owned by Kevin Armstrong in Australia. Manchester A9 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Kevin Armstrong)
Model A1 20-25cwt, chassis no. MT10553 in the Canary Islands. Manchester A1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
John Wilkinson)
Model A1 20-25cwt, chassis no. MT10683. The remains were spotted by Brian Jefferson in Tasmania. Not much left, but I would like the cylinder block for use in MT11505. Manchester A1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Brian Jefferson)

Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT11387 tipping truck.

See the web page for this vehicle here

Manchester B1


Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT11505.

We purchased the remains of this truck from J.G.Riddell & Sons of Scotland in 1998. It had never been registered; having been used as a breakdown truck for a local garage. I think it was Ladybank Motors but if anyone could confirm that please contact me. The rear axle has been replaced with one from an early Bedford or Chevrolet; this seems to have been common practice in the Canary Island is but I have not come across other examples being converted in the UK. We purchased the truck to obtain a replacement cylinder block for our truck MT11387. It came complete with chassis, wheels, gearbox, radiator and a lot of cab panels.

Manchester B1


Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT11811 of 1929, registration DX7800 at the Ipswich Transport Museum. Manchester B1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Derek Rayner)
Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT11833, engine no. 48991 in the Canary Islands owned by Fibrotech. Manchester B1 Fibrotech 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. not known, Lycoming engine no. 51122 in the Canary Islands. This is the second left hand drive Manchester I have heard about. Details supplied by Alberto Guersi. Manchester B1 Alberto Guersi 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Alberto Guersi)

Manchester B1 Alberto Guersi


Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. not known, registration UX3937, chassis no. not known, owned by Graham Galliers of Shrewsbury. Manchester B1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Albert Smith)
Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. not known in the Grubb Shaft Gold Mine Museum, Tasmania. Chassis no. not known. Manchester B1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Tim Keenan)
Believed to be a Model B1 converted to a superphosphate spreader in Victoria, Australia. superphosphate spreader 
(Photograph courtesy of 
M Lemmey)
Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT12638 registration VO3141. Bought by Harry Pilkington, coal merchant of Sutton on Trent from Brooks Motor Co., Newark in 1929. This wagon was fitted with a tipping gear and worked until the mid to late 1950s. In the mid 1960s it was sold to Walter Woodthorpe, coal merchant of Boston Dock, for publicity purposes. It was found in a state of disrepair at Rush Green Motors in 1970 by Henry Stocks, a long distance lorry driver for Richards & Osborne Ltd, Fraddon, Cornwall. The Manchester was purchased by Richards & Osborne, and restored by Henry (known affectionately by everyone as Harr) and made the 1st of many rally appearances in 1972. In 1996 it was sold to John Vincent, of Fraddon, Cornwall. It was later owned by Mr Vercoe and was purchased by John Marshall of Sutton on Trent in 2015. It now resides not far from its original place of work. Manchester B1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Alan Stocks)
Model B1 30-35cwt chassis no. MT13395 registration NM2945. Manchester B1 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Nick Pyle)
Model B4 30-35cwt chassis no. MT13424, which I believe is the same as a B1 but with a lower ratio differential gear giving higher road speeds.

Manchester B4


Model LBX4 19 seat bus, chassis no. MT30274. This amazing survivor is the first left hand drive Manchester I had heard about. It is still owned by the original owners The Vidago Palace Hotel, Portugal and is under restoration for transporting guests. The chassis number and road wheel type suggest that the bus was built on a 2 tonner chassis. LBX bus 
(Photograph courtesy of
Jose Costa)
Model BX 2 tonner chassis no. MT30582, registration WH3947, owned by Lynch Trucks, Accrington. Manchester BX Lynch Trucks 
(Photograph courtesy of 
Chris Payne)

If you have any further questions or information on this subject, please feel free to contact Michael Walters